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Why Entrepreneurs Prefer Android over iPhone

android vs iOS iphone

Entrepreneurs are always looking for the best tools to help maximize their time. It’s understandable with so much to do every day to keep your business running at its peak. If you ask around, you’ll find that there are a lot of business owners with iPhones. But there are many others who prefer the Android platform.

Why do entrepreneurs prefer Android over iPhone?

1. Expandable Storage Space

One of the most dominant characteristics of Android is its onboard SD card expandable storage. Unlike iPhone (Apple) which apparently considered storage space as an afterthought, the Android, and Google Play system finds storage a commodity that is important. And many entrepreneurs like the ability to add onto the phone’s memory. For digital media professionals, photographers, and others who now use their phones as a portable portfolio for clients, this is something they are not willing to part with.

2. The Maps Aren’t Worth Crap (with the iOS System)

If Steve Jobs were around to see this, he would be embarrassed. In fact, so is Tim Cook, the reigning CEO for Apple, who issued a public apology for the deficits that are inherent in Apple’s new Maps program that was supposed to replace the traditional Google Maps app they had put on their iPhones before. This is unlike Apple to settle for less-than-great-quality for the sake of refusing a competitors’ program, and many entrepreneurs are not willing to make this sacrifice. Maps are just too important to business owners when traveling to settle for a weak version of the Google program.

3. Android Allows for Full Creative Freedom Among Developers

There are many entrepreneurs these days who are app developers, and they are opting to go with the Android platform for one simple reason: Apple is too picky. While it’s a great platform to be on to reach iOS users, it’s not worth the hassle to some to wait for weeks or even months while their app gets approved (or rejected.)

Android will let anyone with an original app idea publish one, provided it meets their basic standards on quality and family-friendliness and doesn’t violate any major laws or online digital rights rules. This makes it an attractive alternative for publishing apps with Android instead of Apple.

Android News reports that while Android is an outstanding platform for developing apps or maintaining your digital projects, the only drawback is that it has too many features! This may sound funny but what we mean is that it can be a bit overwhelming with so many different options.

So to make things simpler, Android News points to a tips and tricks site that Google has put up that offers help to entrepreneurs (or anyone) to get the most out of their Android smartphone or tablet, as well as to integrate developers into the Android platform.

Advantages of Android over iPhone

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, Android has its origins in an open-source system, dating back to the day when Android used to be a part of the Linux system. Many people still do not know this fact, but Linux was built to allow developers and entrepreneurs to develop and share with others, without the fear of infringing on the rights of other developers. This spirit of exploration and innovative development still lives on today in Android, unlike iOS, which still insists on hanging onto their intellectual property rights of every single solitary app, as though it were the Gold Mines of Solomon.

That being said, Apple is a sound company, rich in heritage that Steve Jobs worked his whole life to maintain and we do not wish to take anything away from the empire he built. We all look up to the way Apple dares to think different and to bring numerous original designs to the world of technology. Still, just because they’re Apple doesn’t make them perfect, and many entrepreneurs are looking to Android as a stable, user-friendly development platform, as well as a preferred operating system for their own personal smart devices in which to work, play, and live.

Google has the market cornered on interconnectivity. They have developed a system that is as much about social as it is business, and as much about the collaboration process that you could have without being in the same room with someone. Their calendar app that integrates with everything under the sun to help you organize your life, coupled with maps, media, and online conferencing through Google Hangouts, and other apps, can be compared to nothing short of genius.

Both platforms have their high points, but for busy entrepreneurs who need a simple solution for both the consumer and the production end, Google Android makes life easy, fast, lucrative, and fun.


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Written by: Zac Johnson, CEO at MoneyReign Inc.

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