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Mistakes you’re making while looking for a worthy candidate

A recent research says, “Only 18% of current managers have the high talent (that unique combination of talents needed to help a team achieve excellence in a way that significantly improves a company’s performance) required of their role.”

For any company head, this is a shocking data which depicts how bad the scenario is. Having less talented managers in the company implies slow success rate and not so good return on investment. No one would ever look up for such a scenario where they have maximum managers who are in a position, but lack talent. They may be able to drive the team, but fail to make the most of the position.

Recruitment is a very crucial task which needs detailed attention. Today, one is likely to get around 250 resumes out of which less than 10 will be called for an interview and only one will join the company. In this lengthy process, there are chances that one might make certain mistakes, which would further influence the decision. Let’s see possible mistakes you have been or are making while hiring a worthy candidate.

Do you think Job adverts are helpful?

When it comes to reaching millions of candidates to narrow down the eye on worthy candidates, companies prefer automation service that helps them post their ads with a single click. Indeed automation is great and it simplifies the entire process, but is it really worthy?

Job adverts aren’t free and cost you money. Though, you are able to reach maximum professionals you aren’t sure if you’re reaching the right candidate. Despite being active digitally, companies are not able to make their way through the market to reach worthy candidates.

Today, as market demands, one should let go of the job adverts and stop spending money on them. It’s time they should consider other options that are not only cost-effective but would give them the right candidate.

Get over job portals and consider other platforms

It’s a known fact that habits take time to change. All these years, we have been looking for candidates on job portals, but the present market scenario demands otherwise. Job portals have their own limitations though they are still mostly preferred for talent acquisition.

When we talk about looking for a talented candidate, we have to make sure we are at the right platform. Professional networking platform such as UniversalHunt, for that matter, is one of the best places to look for the one. This platform allows you to peep into a professionals journey alongside allowing you to have a direct conversation with them as well.

Go with someone at the bottom of the salary range

It is observed that whilst hiring candidates, companies and recruiters consider that those at the higher salary range thinking they’re the right choice. Nonetheless, hiring them would mean you are leaving less space for increment or salary hike; which can further lead to job switch or unsatisfied employment.

It is advised that while making decisions, go with someone who is closer to the bottom in salary range. This way, you would have enough space for salary hike and increment, which is one of the motivational factors.

Be a good listener

It is totally understandable that recruiters are busy and want to close the position soon, but when you want a good candidate, you need to show patience. There are times when candidates like to speak about them in detail and give elaborated responses to your questions.

Often people cut the conversation when the candidate is not giving the desired response, but this is considered unprofessional and gives out a different picture altogether. Hence, you should quietly listen to them and be a good listener.

Relying excessively on resumes

Resumes are always known as the face of the candidate and their professional journey. Since ages companies and recruiters are focusing on resumes, but the scenario is changing. Today, in this global market, one needs more than just a resume to make an impression.

Whenever you’re looking for a candidate, make sure that you go through their complete profile, including their previous work and projects. These details will give you a fair idea about the candidates knowledge about the industry.

Experience doesn’t mean success

Often, while hiring we go with the knowledge assuming that experienced people will lead the team to success. However, this isn’t entirely true. Every company has different requirements. Just because a person has an experience in a similar industry as yours, doesn’t mean that candidate can help you in the market.

It is necessary that you look into an individual’s qualities and personality before selecting the candidate. It is sometimes one’s quality that matters a lot more than experience. The candidate should keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in their industry, in order lead the team.

Hiring the right candidate takes time

Did you know it takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position, up from 48 days in 2011? It’s observed that companies and recruiters are always in a hurry to close a position. In this hurry they settle with someone below the desired standard. This one hasty decision further impacts the company and the process.

Thus, when you’re looking for a right candidate, you have to have patience. You should contact as many candidates as possible, so that selection gets easy.

Don’t look for a clone to replace the present one

Sometimes, when we are looking for a candidate to replace the present one, we look for someone with the similar qualities. This attitude stops us from hiring candidates who could prove worthy in the long run.

As said above, different companies have different requirements. For each position, you need different people, and when you’re replacing someone, look for a person with amazing qualities and long term goals.

Don’t ignore your gut feeling

In business, gut has no space. However, when it comes to certain decisions, you have to sometimes go with your gut feeling. There will be a time when you will come across a candidate, who has the exceptional attitude and foresight, which you were looking for.

When to go with gut feeling and when to take wise decisions depends upon an individual’s experience and knowledge. Remember, your motive is to find the right candidate, and you should work towards that.

Pirating candidates from competitors

We all want to succeed in the competitive market and thus want the best candidate. In this quest to find the best one, we often take the path that’s not suitable to us. There are chances that we pay attention to competitors candidates and want to hire them believing on their success ratio.

This mindset doesn’t reflect professionalism and will not get you anywhere. Candidate approaching you is a different scenario than you approaching them. Thus, pay special attention to this.

Don’t overlook cultural fit

You’ve a good candidate with experienced knowledge and the bang on attitude that you were looking for, but that doesn’t mean that the candidate will survive your organization.

Often, candidates pass the educational and qualification tests but when it comes to getting comfortable with the company’s culture, not many are able to pass it. Thus, make sure that you observe the candidate properly and scrutinize them keeping your office culture in mind. Then only would you be able to make the right decision.

Written by:
Harshit Bhavsar, Chairman, UniversalHunt.

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Harshit Bhavsar
Founder of Universal Hunt Group with companies focusing Human Resources, Technology, Investment Banking and Engineering Consulting.