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4 Ways to Effectively Sell to Baby Boomers Using Technology

1. Sell with information, not persuasion.

Marissa Mayer and Marc Benioff

Forget the tactic of slathering your sales pitch with the artful techniques of persuasion. Boomers are well aware of persuasive measures, and will ignore them for what’s more important: facts and information pertinent to their needs. Do your homework and equip yourself with both qualitative and quantitative information relating directly to their wishes.

2. Make every second count.

Boomers are time-crunched. Don’t waste your time or theirs; uncover their needs and provide them with relevant information as efficiently as possible. Having all the information you’ve prepared at your fingertips and being able to deliver it on-the-spot is key to showing respect for Boomers’ time.

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