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4 Ways to Effectively Sell to Baby Boomers Using Technology

3. Enhance the relationship with technology.

First and foremost, base your relationship with the consumer on personal contact. Then, focus on using technology to enhance the relationship. Boomers prefer face-to-face or phone contact first but are happy to, and even expect to, engage with technology afterward. Make your initial contact, do your homework, then integrate technology in delivering information and facilitating conversation.

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4. Present cutting-edge opportunities.

Boomers are characterized as a hard-working, trailblazing generation. They pride themselves on being early adopters; they enjoy being on the cutting edge of emerging trends and technology. Present them with the opportunity to be ahead of their peers and they’ll likely jump if it fits their vision. (Which it will, because you’ve done your homework.)

Boomers are named such because of the population “boom” at the time, but they’re deserving of the bold name for another reason: Boomers don’t rest. They are constantly keeping up with technology trends in an ever-evolving business world. And their expectations keep pace with their adoption.

Using technology to sell to Boomers is just plain smart.

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