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Top 10 Best And Worst Jobs in America For 2015

Newspaper reporter job has been named the worst in America for 2015, according to a recent report released by job search site CareerCast. Is being a newspaper reporter really the worst job? I hope not…

And, yes, as hiring prospects look grim for the foreseeable future, Newspaper reporter jobs, ranked number 1 on the list of the top 10 worst jobs in America for 2015.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be newspaper reporters. Or lumberjacks, or cook, or firefighters.

This year, “newspaper reporter” finished 200 out of 200.  So, last.

The jobs were ranked based on the following attributes, with much of the data coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands.”

Here’s a list of the top 10 worst jobs of 2015

1. Newspaper reporter
Overall Score: 737.00
Income: $36,267.00
Work Environment: 86.500
Stress: 69.670
Hiring Outlook: -13.33

2. Lumberjack
Overall Score: 716.00
Income: $34,100.00
Work Environment: 84.700
Stress: 32.000
Hiring Outlook: -13.00

3. Enlisted military personnel
Overall Score: 687.00
Income: $44,283.00
Work Environment: 109.000
Stress: 74.830
Hiring Outlook: 1.83

4. Cook
Overall Score: 659.00
Income: $42,208.00
Work Environment: 106.100
Stress: 37.080
Hiring Outlook: 3.08

5. Broadcaster
Overall Score: 658.00
Income: $29,347.00
Work Environment: 64.400
Stress: 48.470
Hiring Outlook: -1.53

6. Photojournalist
Overall Score: 656.00
Income: $29,267.00
Work Environment: 58.400
Stress: 48.670
Hiring Outlook: 1.67

7. Corrections officer
Overall Score: 642.00
Income: $39,163.00
Work Environment: 75.300
Stress: 31.630
Hiring Outlook: 4.63

8. Taxi driver
Overall Score: 638.00
Income: $23,118.00
Work Environment: 82.400
Stress: 46.180
Hiring Outlook: 13.18

9. Firefighter
Overall Score: 636.00
Income: $45,264.00
Work Environment: 109.200
Stress: 71.640
Hiring Outlook: 8.64

10. Mail carrier
Overall Score: 626.00
Income: $41,068.00
Work Environment: 68.100
Stress: 23.680
Hiring Outlook: -28.32

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