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The Hip-Hop Star Dr Dre Tops Highest-Earning Musicians Of 2014 Rich List

Dr Dre

Incredibly, Dr. Dre has topped Forbes magazine’s Highest Paid Musician List of 2014, the hip-hop star has pocketed in a massive $620 million in the past 12 month. Looks like life is good!

The 49-year old rapper and mogul Dre, real name Andre Young, recently sold his company, Beats Audio to Apple for reportedly $3 billion.

The pop singer Beyoncé  follows Dre in 2nd place on the Forbes rich list but falls behind him with $115 million, “Hotel California” rockers The Eagles came 3rd.

Bon Jovi made it to fourth in the list with $82m, followed by Bruce Springsteen ($81m). Among those also basking in the glow of a financially lucrative 2014 include: Justin Bieber ($80m), One Direction ($75m), DJ Calvin Harris ($66m) and Katy Perry ($40m).

DJ Calvin Harris is the world’s highest-paid DJ with earnings of $66m.

List in full – The top-earning musician of 2014:

1. Dr Dre ($620m)

2. Beyoncé ($115m)

3. The Eagles ($100m)

4. Bon Jovi ($82m)

5. Bruce Springsteen ($81m)

6. Justin Bieber ($80m)

7. One Direction ($75m)

8. Paul McCartney ($71m)

9. Calvin Harris ($66m)

10. Toby Keith ($65m)

11. Taylor Swift ($64m)

12. Jay Z ($60m)(tie)

12. Diddy ($60m)(tie)

12. Bruno Mars ($60m)(tie)

15. Justin Timberlake ($57m)

16. Pink ($52m)

17. Michael Bublé ($51m)

18. Rihanna ($48m)

19. Rolling Stones ($47m)

20. Roger Waters ($46m)

21. Elton John ($45m)

22. Kenny Chesney ($44m)

23. Katy Perry ($40m)

24. Jason Aldean ($37m)(tie)

24. Jennifer Lopez ($37m)(tie)

26. Miley Cyrus ($36m)(tie)

26. Celine Dion ($36m)(tie)

28. Muse ($34m)(tie)

28. Luke Bryan ($34m)(tie)

30. Lady Gaga ($33m)(tie)

30. Drake ($33m)(tie)

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