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Richest Celebrities Under 30 In Britain 2014: Incredibly Wealthy Young Millionaires

One Direction: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik

One Direction (recording artists Niall Horan and his four bandmates) estimated to have earned an impressive £44.52 million, beat Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Twilight actor Robert Pattinson to the rich list of under 30s, according to Heat magazine.

Rounding off the top is incredibly beautiful Keira Knightley at number four with £39.95 million and the ‘Skyfall’ singer Adele, at number five with £36.25 million.

While Daniel Radcliffe’s colleague, Potter co-star Emma Watson – who played Hermione Granger is at six with £31.65m.

The richest woman on the list is Keira Knightley, who has £39.95m, with Adele completing the top 5 with an estimated wealth of £36.25m.

Niall Horan and his four bandmates are now considered to be -collectively, not individually – the top earning young performers in Britain.

They still couldn’t afford to buy one of the most expensive properties in London… in May this year a penthouse flat at One Hyde Park – sold for a reported £140m.

The Top 10 celebrities under 30 that have topped the rich list are as follows (last year’s rank in brackets):

1. (1) One Direction (£77.52 million) – Niall Horan and his four bandmates (Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik) combined

2. (2) Daniel Radcliffe (£63.56m)

3. (3) Robert Pattinson (£51.41m)

4. (4) Keira Knightley (£39.95m)

5. (6) Adele (£36.25m)

6. (5) Emma Watson (£31.65m)

7. (8) Calvin Harris (£28.99m)

8. (7) Rupert Grint (£27.33m)

9. (10) Leona Lewis (£15.50m)

10. (13) Alex Turner (£13.56m)

11. (11) Katie Melua (£12.63m)

12. (17) Coleen Rooney (£11.7m)

13. (14) Joss Stone (£10.02m)

14. (15) Charlotte Church (£9.67m)

15. (16) Aaron Taylor-Johnson (£9.60m)

16. (19) Carey Mulligan (£9.41m)

17. (20) Florence Welch (£8.88m)

18. (21) Nadine Coyle (£8.10m)

19. (22) Nicola Roberts (£8.01m)

20. (23) Gemma Arterton (£7.98m)

21. (-) Cara Delevingne (£7.49m)

22. (24) James Morrison (£7.49m)

23. (30) JLS (£7.18m)

24. (-) Jamal Edwards (£7.14m)

25. (-) Mumford & Sons (£6.98m)

26. (25) Lily Allen (£6.71m)

27. (-) Jamie Bell (£6.73m)

28. (-) Paolo Nutini (£6.28m)

29. (26) Duffy (£6.26m)

30. (-) Lily Cole (£6.20m)

The list, in its 4th year, has been assembled after analysing financial dealings for TV, movies, record sales and endorsements.

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