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What exactly are remote and mobile workers doing during conference calls (infographic)?

OK, so here’s a rhetorical question for you. What exactly are remote and mobile workers actually doing during conference calls?

Spoiler Alert: It’s probably not what you think they are doing.


It may come as a surprise to some, a new survey of more than 500 full-time, remote, and mobile workers by the conferencing company InterCall found what people are really up while they’re on a conference call.

1. 65 percent said they do other work, whatever that may be.
2. 63 percent said they send an email.
3. 55 percent said they eat or make food.
4. 44 percent said they send text message.
5. 43 percent said they check social media.
6. 47 percent said they go to the restroom.
7. 25 percent said Playing video games.
8. 21 percent said Shopping online.
9. 9 percent said Exercising.
10. 6 percent said Taking another phone call.


More than a quarter of respondents also admitted to falling asleep during the call. A pretty gross display of multitasking — just as interesting were the places survey respondents said they took conference calls from.

There are gender differences when it comes to conference call behavior, according to InterCall’s study

1. Men are more likely to take calls in the afternoon or evening (51% to 41%)
2. Women prefer morning calls (56% to 44%)
3. Men are more likely to multi-task (83% to 78%)
4. Women are three times more likely to mute a call to shop online (6% to 2%)
5. Men are more likely to use the restroom (50% to 4%)
6. Women are more likely to mute a call so they can eat or make food (40% to 32%)


The strangest place from which they have ever dialed into a work conference:

1. A truck stop bathroom
2. McDonald’s Playplace
2. The closet of a friend’s house during a party
4. The beach … it was a video call so I kept my tablet up so that my bikini didn’t show
5. Behind a church during a wedding rehearsal
6. The racetrack
7. Chasing my dog down the street because she got out of the house
8. Disney World
9. Fitting room while trying on clothes


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