Sunday, April 5, 2020

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The Challenges and Opportunities Of The Remote-Management Work Environments

Given the distances and time zones, how can we really bring joy and efficiency to the remote-management Work Environments. What are the advantages and disadvantages of remote working?

Remote working has it’s benefits for both employee and employer. I’d be very interested to hear in particular from individuals who have managed in remote work environments.

Tips for managing remote employees successfully:

– Set clear goals and benchmarks to help remote workers stay on track with objectives.

– Also, make sure your remote employees have access to the effective communication tools. Whether it’s Skype-to-Skype, webex, join-me, or Business VoIP – whatever the platform, test it out and make sure its fit for purpose.

– Use an excellent  storage and file sharing tools: Dropbox, Google docs, or Box.

– Use videoconferencing tools to promote virtual face-to-face interaction with off-site staff.

The possible benefits of remote working are numerous and range from financial savings on physical workspace to cutting down on wasted commuting time and office distractions.

– An increased bottom-line productivity and profit
–  It could save millions of dollars a year in expensive building leases and office space.
– It also ensures continuity of operations during emergencies and shutdowns.
– It reduces critical absenteeism and high health care costs.

To maximize your job search these are the most common Remote Working Job Titles:

– Writer
– Consultant
– Customer Service Representative
– Sales Representative
– Engineer
– Account Executive/Manager
– Software Developer
– Case Manager
– Medical Coder
– Adjunct Faculty
– Systems Analyst
– Program/Project Manager
– UI/UX Designer
– Travel Counselor
– Insurance Adjuster
– Graphic Designer
– Bilingual Interpreter
– SEO/Marketing Assistant
– Director of Business Development
– Marketing Manager

These are the top 5 job categories with the most remote workforce:

1) Information Technology
2) Education
3) Sales
4) Healthcare
5) Administrative

Share your ideas and tips in the comments section below! 

Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj is the CEO and editorial director at CEOWORLD magazine, the leading global business magazine written strictly for CEOs, CFOs, top managers, company directors, investors, senior executives, business leaders, and high net worth individuals.
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