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Most Exciting And Promising Technology Startups For Entrepreneurs: Worth Watching

I rounded up a few notable technology startups for entrepreneurs to find inspiration. Some of these exciting and promising tech startups may thrive for years, some may get acquired and some may go nowhere — I think you should keep an eye on.

Here are few promising tech startups:

Nimblean innovative web-based CRM solution that brings together all contacts, calendar, communications and collaborations in one simple, free platform. Nimble is the simply insightful relationship manager created to help professionals build better relationships in a noisy, multi-channel world. Nimble provides a smart and easy way to track, engage and nurture contacts—providing context to conversations.

Distractify – one of those viral story sites like BuzzFeed, since launch, they have reached 100 million visitors and inspired 30 million Facebook shares.  Founder & CEO – Quinn Hu | Web | facebook | Twitter.

Hukkster – Hukkster tracks products on sites you love and notifies you when those products go on sale (including coupon codes) – expected to have more than 1 million registered users in 2014.

Clarity – Clarity is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors & industry experts to learn new skills, conduct market research, or get strategic advice on how to grow their business.

Storenvy – home to emerging brands and inspired goods. It’s a place where you can launch a custom store in minutes, and a place where you’ll discover amazing, one-of-a-kind things you can’t find anywhere else. Founder & CEO – Jon Crawford | Web Twitter.

Lyft – a platform for on-demand ridesharing. With the tap of a button, passengers in need of a ride are instantly connected to nearby drivers. Unlike traditional taxis, Lyft drivers do not charge “fares” but receive “donations” from their passengers.

thumb.it – Launched in 2010, people use Thumb to get and give feedback in virtually every area of life (music, artwork, shopping, hairstyles, relationships, movies, food, etc.). Thumb is a vibrant community where you’ll discover interesting things and people via an insanely engaging and instantaneous experience. Thumb it!

Coinbase – San Francisco-based Coinbase has become the most widely-used way to buy and transfer the online currency Bitcoin in the U.S. It´s growing into an international digital wallet that allows to securely buy, use, and accept Bitcoins.

What technology startups would you add to or leave off this list? Share your picks in the comments below.

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