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What Most Successful CEOs And Other Senior Executives In Business Do, And Why It Works?

I’m lucky enough to know a number of remarkably successful CEOs and other senior executives in business world, I can tell you that they work hard. Work really, really hard, as there is no substitute for hard work. So what do successful entrepreneurs and executives do, and why it works?

“Life is easier to take than you’d think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable.” — Kathleen Norris

Through the years, i have learned few things that most ultra successful CEOs and other senior executives in business world do to become the best in the world.

1) Those among us who have managed to find professional success always look for positive in any life situation.

  • a) Taking responsibility when things go wrong instead of blaming others.
  • b) To admit they made a mistake.
  • c) To say they are sorry.
  • d) To have big dreams.
  • e) To admit they owe their success to others.
  • f) To poke fun at themselves.

2) Every extremely successful CEOs, entrepreneur, or senior executives I know (personally) works more hours than the average person — a lot more —- and some more.

3) Remarkably successful entrepreneur and executives habitually do what other people won’t do, go places where others won’t go.

They know, joining any crowd — no matter how “hot” OR “Trendy” the crowd or the opportunity  =  A recipe for mediocrity.

4) Successful entrepreneur and executives take full responsibility for their business and life, never make excuses.

5) They don’t create any back-up plans, without a safety net — they will work a lot harder; primary plan simply has to work because there is no other option (an easy out) — Total commitment.

6) Every single day successful entrepreneur and executives take one or more risks in their life and business. Because here’s the truth: There is no growth when you get comfortable.

7) Every successful entrepreneur and executives do the most important tasks or top-priority business project first before moving on to a smaller one.

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