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Most Men in U.S. said they would not have a problem dating a woman with a higher income

According to a recent study was featured in the December issue of Men’s Health magazine by, 73% percent of men said they would not have a problem dating a woman with a higher income and 45 percent of men said they wouldn’t mind staying at home if their spouses made more money. The study polled 1,511 men across the United states. In these times of fiscal uncertainty, men don’t care much about where the money comes from — as long as there is money.

Few powerful findings:

  • 54% of unmarried men are not currently in a relationship.
  • 25% say stress is a major problem in their life
  • 46% are okay with dating somebody significantly older than themselves.
  • 58% watch television or surf the Internet to relax. Only 24% play a sport or exercise to relax.
  • Less than 1% spend time with their family to relax.
  • 29% strongly agree that it’s OK to cry as a man.
  • 11% put importance on improving their sex lives.
  • 68% agree that men have to find a career in a field they enjoy.
  • 51% of men in a relationship say it’s their responsibility to take care of the bills.
  • 57% of men in a relationship enjoy grocery shopping.
  • 89% agree that protecting your family is a vital characteristic of being a man today.
  • Women under 30 are making more money than men in the same age group in country’s biggest cities.

The survey, done in conjunction with Spike TV, also found that 45 percent of men are “very willing” to stay at home and take care of the house if their wives have the bigger salary, and 19 percent are doing it. 44 percent of men in relationships agreed they did more work around the house than their fathers, though only 22 percent said they did more than their mothers.

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