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What is new in Celebrity Rehab season 5 reality show with Dr. Drew?

The celebrities appearing on the 2011 season of  “Celebrity Rehab season 5” include Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher, Jeremy Jackson, Bai Ling, Dwight “Doc” Gooden, Sean Young, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper and Steven Adler. The new season that started Sunday with Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita turned adult film star.

The new cast of Celebrity Rehab season 5- celebrity patients will be treated by Dr. Drew Pinsky at the Pasedena Recovery Center.

Michael Lohan- Ex-husband of Dina Lohan and the father of Lindsay Lohan

Dwight Gooden had a very successful career in baseball as a pitcher for almost 2 decades. He has an addiction to cocaine which resulted in him being released from the Yankees roster in 2001.

Sean Young is a well known actress, best known as Lois Einhorn in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”.

Jessica Kiper aka Sugar was a very well liked contestant on the reality show Survivor for seasons 17 and 20. S

Steven Adler is the former drummer of Guns N’ Roses. He was kicked out of the band because of his drug usage.

Amy Fisher went to jail for shooting Joey Buttofouco’s wife in the face when she was a teenager. She is now a wife and mother of 3 who works in the adult entertainment business. She is on Celebrity Rehab to treat an alcohol addiction.

Jeremy Jackson is a former actor most recognized for his role on Baywatch as Hobie Buchannon.

Bai Ling is an actress most famous for her role in “The Crow”. In 2008 Bai Ling was arrested for shoplifting at LAX.

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