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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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The Top 25 Most Globalized Countries, 2015


The Top 25 Most Globalized Countries, 2015

is the world’s most globalized country, according to the Index of Globalization report released by the KOF Swiss Economic Institute, part of the federal institute of technology ETH Zurich.

Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Singapore took the top 5 spots on the list of the top 25 most globalized nations, which tracks trends in overall globalization as well as in 3 specific categories — Economic, Social, and Political globalization.

Sweden came sixth, followed by at seventh, and Portugal at eighth place. The KOF Globalization Index suggests that more globalized nations are wealthier and more knowledge-based, and their citizens are happier.

Due to the size of their markets, the world’s major economies are more inward-looking and tend to occupy lower ranks on the Globalisation Index.  The world’s largest economy, the United States, ranks 34, Germany 27, Brazil 77, 54, India 109, and China 75.

Top 25 Most Globalized Countries, 2015

Top 25 Most Globalized Countries, 2015

1. Ireland
Globalization Index: 91.30

2. Netherlands
Globalization Index: 91.24

3. Belgium
Globalization Index: 91.00

4. Austria
Globalization Index: 90.24

5. Singapore
Globalization Index: 87.49

6. Sweden
Globalization Index: 86.59

7. Denmark
Globalization Index: 86.30

8. Portugal
Globalization Index: 86.29

9. Switzerland
Globalization Index: 86.04

10. Finland
Globalization Index: 85.64

11. Hungary
Globalization Index: 85.49

12. Canada
Globalization Index: 85.03

13. Czech Republic
Globalization Index: 84.10

14. Spain
Globalization Index: 83.71

15. Luxembourg
Globalization Index: 83.56

16. Cyprus
Globalization Index: 83.54

17. Slovak Republic
Globalization Index: 83.52

18. Norway
Globalization Index: 83.30

19. United Kingdom
Globalization Index: 82.96

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20. France
Globalization Index: 82.65

21. Australia
Globalization Index: 81.64

22. Italy
Globalization Index: 79.51

23. Poland
Globalization Index: 79.43

24. Estonia
Globalization Index: 79.35

Globalization Index: 79.08

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