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Wealthiest People in Turkey (February 14, 2023)

As of February 14, 2023, Murat Ulker was the wealthiest man in Turkey, with an estimated net worth of 4.9 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Ibrahim Erdemoglu (No. 2, $4.5 billion), Ali Erdemoglu (No. 3, $3.9 billion); and Nihat Ozdemir  (No. 4, $2.6 billion). Sezai Bacaksiz is the fifth-richest person in...
John Perkins
CEO Insights

CEOs Have the Power to Change the World

We live in a time when corporate CEOs have as much power as the presidents of most countries. We also find ourselves living in a degenerative economic system that’s consuming and polluting itself into extinction. This Death Economy is depleting the very resources it needs for its long-term survival. It’s...
Robin Landa
CEO Insider

Widen Your Idea Lens to Generate Worthwhile Ideas

Groupthink is stealth. Beware. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) combat groupthink, which is a mode of thinking that occurs when individuals of a highly cohesive, insular group or an in-group strive for consensus and might avoid or override alternate viewpoints, ideas, actions, or dissent. Also, an in-group might be unfamiliar with...
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