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Vinod Gupta
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Persistence, Integrity, and Active Listening: Vinod Gupta on the Top Three Skills Needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur

The siren call of entrepreneurship is loud and haunting. The idea of creating something out of nothing, building a business from the ground up and being your own boss in the process is certainly alluring, which is probably why over 600,000 new businesses open in the United States every year....
Leo Bottary
CEO Insider

Assume You’re the Problem

Grammarly/Harris Poll released a study recently called The State of Business Communication. To examine what’s getting in the way of collaboration, productivity, and output in the hybrid work era, the research team surveyed 251 business leaders and 1001 knowledge workers employed full-time by companies with at least 150 employees. Among...
Joe Hart
Big Picture

Why perspective is key to effective leadership

Emotional Intelligence was popularised by Daniel Goleman and has been largely accepted as a necessary and predictive for success in work, relationships, and life. Fundamental to emotional intelligence is the ability to understand what others are feeling, how your emotions affect others, and how you can use emotion to enhance...
CEO Insights

Where Purpose Meets Planning

A New Ownership Tool for an Evolving Marketplace: The past twenty years has seen a slow but steady shift in how businesses organize and operate, with an increasing number looking beyond the short term goal of simply maximizing financial profits for shareholders.  From an organizational standpoint, more and more companies are...
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