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Top 10 Bleisure Destinations In The World

A new travel trend is named «bleisure». It comes from the words business and leisure. It is for those who want to combine work and leisure. But what are the top cities in the world for those who want to go on bleisure trips? In this list, you will see...
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The Red Shoe Syndrome

When we are about to attend a particular event or when we are invited to a specific sort of gathering, we choose our clothes based on the situation we are about to enter. The same rule applies to the behaviour we will adopt and the parts of our personality that...
Antonio Garrido
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“There are some values that you should never compromise on to stay true to yourself; you should be brave to stand up for what you truly believe in, even if you stand alone.” ― Roy T. Bennett Leaders often mention core values and the importance of them to their personal success and...
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