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The Cause of Panic Attacks and the Unexpepected Opportunities

A panic attack is one of the most frequent requests to start psychotherapy and even employs up to 4% of the general population. It seems like something very scary at the time it manifests itself. Even though it is unpleasant, it is not as harmful as we believe. What is...
economic policy uncertainty
Future of WorkGame Changer

The Hidden Benefits of Economic Uncertainty: Five Key Actions to Survive the Unknown (and Thrive When It’s Over)

Businesses constantly face challenges – employment demands, competitive threats, regulatory changes, tight labor markets, adapting to new workplace models, changing customer preferences, supply chain and production issues, and more. However, nothing poses a greater challenge to an executive team than economic uncertainty. It is very difficult to follow a strategic...
John Perkins
Business Transformation

Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 3rd Edition – China’s EHM Strategy; Ways to Stop the Global Takeover, by John Perkins

Economic power has its dark side, that we know. When self-described “economic hit man” John Perkins first published his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in 2004, its revelations on how economic power truly works were startling to many. Perkins worked at a major consulting firm, persuading underdeveloped but strategically...
Josh Rogers, CEO of Precisely
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Advice for M&A success in 2023

While it didn’t reach the record highs of 2021, 2022 continued to exceed historical levels for M&A activity -- PwC even predicted that it would still end up as one of the strongest years on record. Perhaps this sounds surprising since so many companies cut back significantly on their cost...
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