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Psychological And Personal Factors On Customers’ Black Box

Each one of us will surely not purchase the same products or even the same categories of products. Numerous parameters determine your audience's choices, including social and cultural factors. Today we will focus on the individuals. How do their strange psychology and unique personality affect them when they wander around...
Athens Stock Exchange
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Ranked: Here Are the Top CEOs in Greece, 2023

Michael Tsamaz, chairman and chief executive officer of Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A. (OTE Group), ranked No. 1 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the top CEOs in Greece across all industries for 2023. The highest-ranking and only woman CEO on the list is Konstantina Demiri - Chief Executive Officer at...
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Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Functional and Inviting Oasis with Bayside Pavers – Your Partner in Hardscaping and Landscape Design

Spring is the perfect time for CEOs to focus on enhancing their outdoor living spaces, and partnering with Bayside Pavers can bring numerous benefits. Bayside Pavers is a leading hardscaping company in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers innovative solutions to transform outdoor spaces and meet clients' needs and...
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