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Shaping the workplace for the post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the transformation of work at an incredible pace. As many countries go through safety restrictions once again, companies around the world are realizing that there’s no turning back. Having tested work-at-home en masse, many employees want to retain this option to some degree into the...
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Sachin Bansal Chief Explorer®, India City Walks on Experiential Delivery in Tourism (EDIT)™Supporting communities in Travel

Dr. Sachin Bansal, Chief Explorer of India City Walks (ICW®) is a creative and passionate entrepreneur in the tourism industry. He is recognized as the pioneer in the curation & delivery of city sightseeing products. His incubation platform SUSTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS CHAMPIONING HERITAGE INDUCED NETWORK™ creates regeneration of the tourism economy....
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