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gender equality
Business Transformation

Equality between men and women in the workplace: will we ever achieve it?

This simple question often resounds in conversations and day to day debates. The subject is particularly delicate, and it needs to be discussed carefully as generalisations could create confusion. Much academic research has been already carried out on this topic, but an interesting aspect that I would like to subject...
Peter Baics
Business Transformation

Why Baix &Co. Is Just the Sort of Fresh Take on F&B Operations Restaurant Owners Are Looking For.

In the world of F&B, nothing replaces experience. Baix & Co., an independent restaurant and F&B operations consultancy, collaborates with businesses to deliver highly personalized, authentic food experiences. From managing operations to crafting a next-level strategy for restaurant owners. Peter Baics, Founder of the UK-registered operation, uses his two decades...
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