Monday, September 16, 2019

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India flirts with international investors

India has apparently considered to issue its first international bond ever, and perhaps the government's grip on the central bank's money box last week was part of the preparations. Back in July, the senior government official Subhash Chandra Garg, from the Finance Ministry of India, mentioned to the press that...
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3 Ways to Create a Team of Motivational Managers

Employees will always appreciate making money, but a paycheck alone no longer holds them in their seats. Research shows that purpose and personal development matter much more to modern workers. The quickest way to ensure their job satisfaction is through a stellar workplace journey, from recruitment to promotion. Supervisors are...
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5 Hallmarks of an Effective College Professor

Throughout an average college career, students will encounter a wide range of professors—varying in teaching style, personality type, course structure, expertise, etc. It’s a safe bet most students will find a majority of their professors fair or good; they learn what they need to from the class and move forward....
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