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Sarah Cordiner
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Everyone has something to teach.

The clues of what you can be teaching the world are in your life experiences. Today a shared a post on Facebook which originally was supposed to just be a brief snapshot of how I help people create their own online courses and how I got there, but it turned...
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Genki’s Khan And The Mongol Empire

Everybody has heard the story of Genkis Khan. It is a relatively modern example of Imperial colonialism, starting from a man of humble origin and ending up being one of the most influential leaders of the then-known world. Starting from the vast expanse of the Asian steppe, the Empire extended...
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Contemporary Art and its History

A few decades ago, artists started experimenting, giving space to countless artistic ventures and styles. Inspiration is drawn from both the modern way of life and the theories developed about art's role, essence, and evolutionary course. Contemporary Art is a mystery to many as the works exhibited, from time to...
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Top 6 Piano Players In The World

People have loved piano and followed famous piano players since immemorial. Playing the piano is an art; the artist brings joy, peace, love, and liveliness, relieving people from pain, fatigue, depression, and dullness. Let us talk about six such famous pianists who have delivered passion and soulfulness through their brilliant...
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