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Tracey Ezard

Tracey Ezard

Tracey Ezard is a keynote speaker, author and leadership and team educator. Her leadership framework of Ferocious Warmth helps leaders find the balance between the head and the heart, results and relationships, strategy and culture.

Tracey Ezard is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
Tracey Ezard
Success and Leadership

Why fearsome leadership inflicts trauma

Leadership constantly requires us to pull from our strengths, values, and expertise, and contextualize them at the moment. It is an adaptive ability and leadership approach I call Ferocious Warmth. It is doing a constant dance between ferocity and warmth, high support and high challenge, head, and heart. Ferocious Warmth...
Tracey Ezard
CEO Agenda

The Paradox of Yet

Leadership is full of contradictions. Without them, leadership would be a walk in the park. We could make decisions quickly and easily, as the answer would be straightforward. Yet I know every person reading this understands the complexity of leading. We need to draw from both our ferocity and our...
Tracey Ezard
Money and Wealth

Does your Presence Allow Voice?

Do we really need to check whether we 'allow' voice in our teams?  But I’m calling it.  I’m challenged by the number of middle leaders and team members who share that their senior leaders don’t ‘allow' voice. Do you allow, invite, enable and enact voice? Projects, initiatives, working as a...