Sophie Wade

Sophie Wade

Sophie Wade, author of EMBRACING PROGRESS Next Steps For The Future Of Work, is the founder of Flexcel Network. Wade is an authority on the wide-ranging Future-of-Work issues impacting companies – such as attracting, engaging and retaining talent, workplace flexibility, Millennial demands, purposed-driven culture, new latticed and diversified career paradigms and more.
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CEO Spotlight: Rusty Tweed gives advice to CEOs: Coping during uncertain times

Rusty Tweed Shares What CEOs Can Do During These Uncertain Times to Protect Their Interests and Employees. Today’s uncertain economic environment has made taking care of employees and businesses extremely challenging. Many businesses such as those in retail and foodservice have been forced to close, and even companies that were...
Executive Education

Bridging Intergenerational Gaps: Context, Communication, Collaboration and Transformation

Many workplace interactions are challenged by misinterpretations and judgments. Intergenerational communications at cross-purposes are at the core of many misunderstandings and negative exchanges leading to suboptimal results, higher turnover, and even stalled progress. To attain the performance levels that will enable your business to adapt and succeed in a digitally-enabled,...