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Robert H. Lengel

Robert H. Lengel

I am Robert H. Lengel, author of A PLACE FOR T: Giving Voice To The Tortoise In Our Hare-Brained World and The Front Porch Revolution, and president of LeaderWork Inc., a company I founded to serve as home for a revolution in how we think about the interdependence of personal and organizational leadership development and the quality of our conversations introduced in the book.

My background includes two degrees in engineering, an MBA, a Ph.D. and work experience in the aerospace industry, financial services, industrial sales, environmental systems, and academics. For the last 34 years, I did research and taught at a business school in a major university. While there I founded an executive learning center, an innovative executive MBA program, a Leadership Challenge program for undergraduates and a university-wide student-run philanthropic organization providing emotional and financial support for families battling pediatric cancer.

My center served as a front porch for the College of Business, where theory and practice came together in constructive dialogue. Through conversations on this porch, my research, my eclectic education and work experience and consulting, I developed a new level of thinking about leadership, communication, change and personal growth. This thinking shifts our attention away from leadership to what I call leader work.

Robert H. Lengel is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
Robert H. Lengel
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