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Michael R. Solomon

Michael R. Solomon

Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D. is professor of marketing in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University. He advises global clients in leading industries on marketing strategies to make them more consumer-centric. He is the author of several leading textbooks on marketing, consumer behavior, advertising and social media.

Books by Michael R. Solomon:
The New Chameleons: How to Connect with Consumers Who Defy Categorization (Kogan Page; 1st edition; February 23, 2021).

Michael R. Solomon is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
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Yes, We Are What We Buy: Consumers Who Defy the Line Between Brand and Identity

Way back in 1890, the famous psychologist William James wrote, “A man’s self is the sum total of all that he can call his.” And that was before iPhones, Diesel jeans, and Teslas! Clearly, products and services link to our feelings and behaviors. But just how tight are these linkages,...