Mark Carter

Mark Carter

Mark Carter is an international keynote speaker, trainer and coach. He has over 20 years’ experience as a global learning and development professional. His TEDxCasey talk ‘Paws and Effect: how teddy bears increase value perception was the movie trailer for his latest book Add Value. Mark Carter is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow him on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.
Mark Carter
Executive Insider

3 reasons to maintain your value through less social media

In ‘Ignite Your Potential’, a comparison is drawn between individuals and quality of diamonds. Both are carbon based with their strength, resilience and character forged through a life path managing extreme pressure or an ability to insulate, conduct or even block energy as needed. Another interesting feature is how precious...
CEO Insider

4 ways to balance healthier egonomics with economics in the digital age

‘Economics’ is a social science: knowledge associated with production, consumption and wealth transfer through behaviour and economical agent interactions. Generally measured in absence or achievement of material prosperity. Thomas Schelling first coined ‘Egonomics’: suggesting individuals suffer split personalities. The present self wishing something now, short term (eating a cookie) whilst...
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