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Mahima Sengar

Mahima Sengar

Mahima Sengar is an Educationist and a Linguist, she is an expert in Translation and Localization and has been in this field for twelve years now, and she has been working as a Legal Translation specialist for the most prominent Social Media Giant. Writing is her passion, she is a blogger and is currently Co-authoring two books, which will be published soon. Mahima can speak and write Hindi, English, French, and Kiswahili.

Mahima Sengar is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
Success and Leadership

Top 6 Piano Players In The World

People have loved piano and followed famous piano players since immemorial. Playing the piano is an art; the artist brings joy, peace, love, and liveliness, relieving people from pain, fatigue, depression, and dullness. Let us talk about six such famous pianists who have delivered passion and soulfulness through their brilliant...
CEO Briefing

Top 10 Things You Should Not Miss In Africa

With more than 1000 languages, the largest dessert, source of the longest river, huge waterfalls, countless species of animals, and blissful beaches, Africa has all of it. Diverse water sports and incredible serene waters captivate travelers and give an indelible experience. Apart from its rich wildlife, Africa boasts of many...