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Krishna Raj Raja

Krishna Raj Raja

Founder & CEO - SupportLogic, Inc.
Executive Council Member at the CEOWORLD magazine.

Krishna Raj Raja is the founder and CEO of SupportLogic. Krishna has a long history in the customer service and support industry. As the first hire for VMware India, Krishna built the company’s support organization into a multi-thousand-headcount global organization. After leaving VMware, Krishna founded a successful startup, but soon returned to his roots - noticing that the major shifts in the B2B model were creating critical gaps in the capabilities of support teams. SupportLogic was founded in 2016 and now helps some of the largest B2B technology companies in the world using AI to optimize their support experience. Krishna lives with his growing family in Santa Clara, CA.

Krishna Raj Raja is an opinion columnist and Executive Council Member for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
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