Kim O’Hara

Kim O’Hara

Book Coach to Best Sellers® Kim O’Hara has delighted audiences with her knowledge in the art of writing books, as well as how sharing your story can radically uplevel your professional and personal life. She has countless examples of coach/leader/executive clients who, when writing about their journey, illuminated and inspired readers through their narrative. Called a book sherpa, ride and die, BFF, miracle maker, and guardian angel by her clients, Kim provides clarity to hopeful authors about their purpose in writing a book and a foundational structure to execute their vision to a wider audience.

Her two-decade career in Hollywood as a movie producer and screenwriter adds that special edge of storytelling and crafting a story that entertains as well as evokes emotion. She sees the greatest potential in anyone who is willing to voice that dream. She has been a guest speaker for the South Bay Women’s Conference, NAWBO, We Ignite, (a women’s empowerment conference in WA), and the Southern Oregon Women’s Leadership Conference. She has taught teleclasses for ICF Los Angeles and Orange County on book writing. She has contributed articles to Biz Journal’s Biz Women (read by 14.6 million) and the You Tube Channel Film Courage (438k subscribers). In 2021, she hosted the on-line webinar From Someday to Author: Three Keys to Unlock Your Dream Book and reached 79,000 views with her content. As of date, she has had 35,000 listeners to her podcast You Should Write A Book About That.® Kim’s clients’ books have appeared on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today top ten lists, as well as top non-fiction and business books in Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Kim O’Hara is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
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What Does Writing A Book Truly Mean?

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