Dr. Kay Bretz

Dr. Kay Bretz

Dr. Kay Bretz, author of Turning Right: Inspire the Magic (Major Street Publishing, $32.95), is a facilitator of transformation, executive coach and inspirational speaker. As the founder of Turning Right he draws on his experiences as a corporate leader and as an Australian representative at the 24-hour world championship. Turning Right is now available at all good booksellers. Dr. Kay Bretz is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.
Business Transformation

Why ‘turning right’ can lead you down a different path to success

I had always considered myself as adventurous but one day, I realised how wrong I had been in my self-assessment. It was the day when I accidently turned right at my garden gate. I realised that I had never turned right at that junction. It was much more than a...
C-Suite Lifestyle

What it takes to be a transformative leader

There is no business transformation without the transformation of its leaders. Far too many transformational efforts don’t deliver on its high ambitions. Instead of realising step-change improvements, they often lead to incremental change. Through sports, I experienced what it took to realise step-change improvements. To tap into unknown opportunities, I...