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Kavan Choksi

Kavan Choksi

Kavan Choksi is a successful investor, business management consultant and wealth advisor. He works strategically with companies across fast-moving consumer goods, retail and luxury markets — he leverages his vast experience to help clients turn around and revitalize their businesses. With his expertise in economics and finance, Kavan has developed a passion for investing over the years and enjoys helping others do more with their money. He provides thoughtful commentary to publications such as Authority Magazine, Business Insider, CEOWORLD Magazine, International Business Times, The Epoch Times. Kavan is also a regular contributor for NASDAQ, where he shares his expert insights on what's moving markets and the global economy.

Kavan Choksi is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD Magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. For more information, visit the author’s Website.
Kavan Choksi
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