Friday, July 12, 2024
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Jonathan Kahan

Jonathan Kahan

Jonathan Kahan is strategic design director at global experience innovation company Designit, part of the Wipro group. A seasoned strategy consultant, his passion is to solve complex problems by applying innovative lenses to quantitative and qualitative data. His portfolio includes long-term strategic planning for large and medium-sized businesses in various sectors, including retail, finance, FMCG, luxury, industrial goods, healthcare, and energy. He's worked with Carrefour, Porsche, Unilever, Standard Bank, and Shell.

Jonathan Kahan is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. For more information, visit the author’s LinkedIn page.
Jonathan Kahan
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How to unlock actionable insights from data – regularly

According to IDC, the overall global datasphere reached 64 zettabytes in 2020. That’s a LOT of information, and you’d think with all of that available, businesses would be able to unlock actionable insights pretty easily. But that “Eureka!” moment is just as elusive today as it was before the advent...