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Eudora Pascall

Eudora Pascall

Eudora Pascall is a coach and facilitator to business leaders and is co-founder of Heart in Business, whose purpose is ‘to uncover the authentic leader in us all, trusting that profit will follow’. She is also co-author, with Andrew Thornton, of Putting the Heart Back into Business: How to place people, planet and purpose at the core of what you do. Eudora has several degrees including a Masters in organisational and individual change, cultural behaviour and economics. She is qualified professionally in Transactional Analysis as well as other individual psychological growth programmes including COR in the UK and the US.

Eudora Pascall is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn.
Executive Insider

How to build a truly purpose-driven company culture

My favourite word has always been ‘why.’ Understand the ‘why’ before asking further questions. Why build a purpose-driven company culture? A purpose-driven company culture is clear about its direction and actively makes sure everyone in the company is working in the same direction. Every individual has a heartfelt sense of...