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Dr. Joel Lavine

Dr. Joel Lavine

Dr. Joel Lavine is an academic, physician, and a Tenured Professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University. A noted physician-scientist and leader in his field, Dr. Lavine has decades of experience in healthcare, clinical and translational research, genetic and metabolic disorders, and life sciences.

Dr. Joel Lavine is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
Dr. Joel Lavine
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Ready for Adventure? Here Are 7 Outside-the-box Ideas for Adding Excitement to Your Repertoire

Dr. Joel Lavine, a successful academic and adventurer has several recommendations on “extreme” sports that can get your blood pumping and heart racing. However, he says you should learn these activities from the ground up; you shouldn’t jump straight into any of them, so you can avoid accidents and mishaps....