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Dr. Irène Y. Kilubi

Dr. Irène Y. Kilubi

Dr. Irène Y. Kilubi holds a doctorate in industrial engineering and management consultant and has worked for renowned companies such as BMW, Deloitte, Amazon, and Siemens. After many professional stations, she now follows her very personal passion and dedicates herself to the topics of JOINT GENERATIONS, Community Building, and Employee Ambassador Strategy. She is also an Expert Advisor for the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the European Commission. Dr. Irène Kilubi is a university lecturer in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Advisory Board Member (e.g. for Miss Germany and impulse ai) and a sought-after keynote speaker and anchorwoman at conferences and events.

In September 2023, Dr Irène Kilubi was named one of Germany's 25 Future Makers by Business Insider and Xing Top Mind in the "Generations" category. Furthermore, she received the Audience Award at the Impact of Diversity Award in 2023 and was named one of Beyond Gender Agenda's Top 100 Women for Diversity in 2023 and one of w&v's Top 10 Experts for Brand Communities in 2022. She was named "Xing Top Mind 2020" in the Personal Branding and Marketing category and "Xing Top Mind 2022" in the Diversity category and is co-author of the double bestseller (Spiegel and manager magazin) "Future Republic" published in 2021. She has already received the XING NEW WORK Award 2021 twice for her social impact initiative JOINT GENERATIONS, 1st place in the Future Designs category and 2nd place in the Audience Award category, as well as 1st place in the Impact of Diversity Award in the Age Inclusion 2021 category. In addition, the entrepreneur was part of Strive Magazine's TOP 10 FEMALE BUSINESS INFLUENCER with a focus on "NEW WORK" in 2021. She was titled "The woman who brings changemakers together" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research during the ‘innovation country Germany’ campaign.

Dr. Irène Y. Kilubi is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn.
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