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Dr. Gordon Spence

Dr. Gordon Spence

Dr. Gordon Spence, author of Get Moving. Keep Moving, is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, educator and author who helps clients to live well and perform well. A psychologist and exercise scientist, Gordon’s areas of expertise are sustainable performance and healthy ageing, with a particular interest in people returning to exercise in mid-life.

Dr. Gordon Spence is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
Dr. Gordon Spence
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Why healthy habits need to lead from the top

In 2015, the International Journal of Wellbeing published an article of mine entitled, ‘Workplace wellbeing programs: If you build it they may NOT come…because it’s not what they really need’.  In the article I pointed out that whilst organisations had been giving more attention to employee health and wellbeing, participation...