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Douglas Squirrel

Douglas Squirrel

Douglas Squirrel has been coding for forty years and has led software teams for twenty. He uses the power of conversations to create dramatic productivity gains in technology organizations of all sizes. His experience includes growing software teams as a CTO in startups from fintech to biotech to music, and everything in between; consulting on product improvement at over 200 organizations in the UK, US, Australia, Africa, and Europe; and coaching a wide variety of leaders in improving their conversations, aligning to business goals, and creating productive conflict. He lives in Frogholt, England, in a timber-framed cottage built in the year 1450. He is the author of Squirrel’s Tech Radar, Decoding Tech Talk, and Agile Conversations: Transform Your Conversations, Transform Your Culture, co-authored with Jeffrey Fredrick.

Douglas Squirrel is an Executive Council member at the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn, for more information, visit the author’s website CLICK HERE.
Douglas Squirrel
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“What can I do except worry? The engineering team are the only ones who can deliver the changes our customers need, but I can’t do anything meaningful to help them or keep them on track. So, I fret constantly about whether they’ll hit the end-of-quarter deadline.” My coaching client, the...