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Chris Vanderzyden

Chris Vanderzyden

Chris Vanderzyden, CPA, CVGA, is an author, speaker, and leading educator on exit planning and mergers and acquisitions. She is a founding partner of Legacy Partners, LLLP, a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm dedicated to serving privately held middle-market business owners to create and execute successful exit strategies resulting in the harvesting and preservation of wealth. She’s the author of the bestselling book 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory and Master Your Exit Plan: Sell Your Business, Preserve Your Legacy.

Chris Vanderzyden is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
Chris Vanderzyden
CEO Insights

The Million-Dollar Question: When Should I Sell My Business?

Have you ever wondered, “When should I sell my business?” Business owners often peg the timing of their exit to some milestone in their life or the life of the business itself. Perhaps their goal is to sell the business when they reach retirement age (whatever age that may be),...