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Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low-Kramen is author of the bestselling book Be the Ultimate Assistant and has trained assistants and leaders in 14 countries how to build ultimate partnerships. Her new book about the workplace will be published in 2022. Bonnie works with an assistant and does not feel guilty about it at all.

Bonnie Low-Kramen is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.
Bonnie Low-Kramen
Executive Insider

Building Bridges for Empathy: Key Considerations for Leaders

Empathy is the ability to understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place. That understanding helps us to better decide how to respond to a situation.  Starting at the top  Leaders of a company, and of people, bear tremendous responsibility....
Bonnie Low-Kramen
CEO Insider

Executives: It’s Time to Lose the Guilt

“I feel guilty asking my executive assistant to do things for me,”  This was an unexpected and surprising statement coming from three seasoned executives at different companies. Guilty? About what? As much as I know about the partnerships between executives and assistants, I had not heard much about guilt. I asked...