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Bob Priest-Heck

Bob Priest-Heck

Bob Priest-Heck is the Chief Executive Officer & Board Member of Freeman Company. Known as a visionary leader of people and events, Bob’s extensive experience across industries, technologies, and geographies brings a forward-thinking view to people development, business strategy, and the industry at large. An advocate of design thinking, Bob inspires by demonstrating innovation, made possible in a diverse and risk-tolerant environment. He encourages and motivates employees to integrate and optimize new technologies, championing Freeman’s vision to transform the world of live engagements.

Bob has always worked at the forefront of innovation in the events industry. In the emergence of digital technology, he managed and created specialized trade events for early Internet developers such as Digital World, where international Internet entrepreneurs first gathered to learn from the likes of a young Steve Jobs. He was a major contributor when the first user-friendly web browser, Mosaic, was relaunched as Netscape Navigator. He moved to Japan to unveil the first major tech event produced outside of the U.S., NetWorld+Interop, and built a market for disruptive technology events. He helped host the first JavaOne conference for developers while working with Sun Microsystems, acted as an executive coach to Google leadership, consulted UBM on key acquisitions, and helped Dwell magazine expand its media platform into the new world of brand experiences.

Bob continues in the spirit of transformation and is respected for his progressive efforts in technology, advocacy, sustainability, and safety. He is optimistic about the future of the events industry and its evolution as the world’s markets change. He was honored among BizBash’s 2021 Most Influential Event Management Consulting Professionals and named by Meetings Today as one of the top twenty 2020 Meetings Trendsetters, recognizing those who stepped up when the industry needed them most. Through Bob’s leadership, Freeman continues to transform live events, working as a team to reshape experiences — virtual, in-person, or integrated — that unite people for the moments that matter, no matter the format or timeframe.

Bob Priest-Heck is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
Bob Priest-Heck
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