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Adrienne Wojtaszek

Adrienne Wojtaszek

Adrienne Wojtaszek is Senior Vice President of New Client Success at Bolt PR, an award-winning public relations, content and digital marketing agency. Partnering with brands to understand their unique needs and opportunities, Adrienne develops integrated communications strategies that build brand equity and drive business results.

The Bolt PR team works with companies across stages, from startup to scale-up to international franchises, and across industries, including consumer tech, consumer packaged goods, femtech and health tech, hospitality, food and beverage, B2B technology and services, and more.

Adrienne Wojtaszek is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn.
Adrienne Wojtaszek
Success and Leadership

How to Use PR to Grow Your Business

Around the globe, public relations (PR) is a $100 billion industry, projected to eclipse $133 billion by 2027. That growth may come as no surprise. As successful companies know, PR is a powerful tool to build brand awareness, strengthen credibility, and establish a positive reputation and loyalty among target audiences....