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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Navigating the Global Trade Waters and Pioneering the Frozen Frontier: Joel Azongnissou’s Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey

CEO Spotlight

Navigating the Global Trade Waters and Pioneering the Frozen Frontier: Joel Azongnissou’s Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey

Joel Azongnissou

The realm of global trade is full of challenges. Economic disparities, regulatory complexities, and geopolitical tensions can impede the smooth flow of goods and services. The recent disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of interconnected supply chains, prompting a re-evaluation of resilience and diversification. That’s why it is so essential for the global community to find ways to make the global trade system function under any circumstances, and that’s why the world needs bright experts in subtleties of export and import flow to ensure the industry’s functioning, now more than ever.

Joel Azongnissou is the founder and CEO of Joel’s Business SARL, the leading frozen poultry import & export company that has transformed the price vs quality balance in the industry. Joel has carved a remarkable path in revolutionizing the frozen poultry sector by offering an unprecedented combination of top-class products and services at a fair cost and blending business acumen with a passion for excellence and sustainability.

Joel dedicated his career to applying his technical skills, knowledge of the international market, and cross-cultural background to building an import & export network that can function under any circumstances, cover the entire global community, and ensure the supply of the best quality products at the lowest cost via the application of smart analytics digital tools based on artificial intelligence.

The cornerstone of Joel’s Business SARL’s success lies in Joel’s mastery of applying the latest AI trends and smart technological developments in managing the market analytics, finding the gold in thousands of production, shipping, and distribution opportunities, along with his dedication to sourcing premium-quality poultry and other frozen products. From the outset, Joel recognized the importance of building a supply chain that aligns with environmental responsibility, ensuring that the company’s impact extends beyond the frozen aisle. What’s particularly remarkable, Joel’s Business SARL only exploits eco-friendly solutions and sustainable utilization methods, thus, contributing to the UN sustainable development goals.

Innovation has always been a driving force behind Joel’s ascent to the summit of the frozen poultry market. The company has embraced cutting-edge freezing technologies, preserving the natural flavors and nutritional value of its products. This commitment to quality has not only garnered consumer trust but has also set the company apart in the highly demanding industry. It’s important to bear in mind that the international market of frozen products is extremely competitive. The exponential globalization has made thousands of brands from all over the world available and accessible, which, on the one hand, created an unprecedented variety of goods, but at the same time has made the competition between different providers very hard to stand.

Most young companies in the field turn out to be incapable of continuously meeting all the demands of the industry and collapse within the first 6-10 months. Joel’s company, on the contrary, has managed to not only survive, but win the trust and preferences of a wide pool of customers, build a multi-million revenue, and turn into an illustrious success. At Joel’s Business SARL, Joel is not just a CEO; he is a visionary leader who understands the significance of staying ahead of market trends and takes an active part in every aspect of his company’s endeavor. Whether it’s introducing new product lines, exploring international markets, or embracing sustainable packaging solutions, he remains at the forefront of shaping Joel’s Business SARL’s trajectory.

Joel Azongnissou

“I wholeheartedly believe that the CEO’s responsibilities include supervising and overseeing every single aspect of the business, no matter how “basic”. I look over every single shipment, supervise purchases, and personally ensure that the entire logistics is in order and that all import and export documents comply with every norm and regulation. I oversee public relations and communications with clients. I double-check if every payment is made on time. One cannot call himself a leader of the company and fail to provide comprehensive support and supervision in every single aspect”, shares Joel.

“Doing it this way might substantially increase your workload and make the scope of responsibilities extremely challenging, but this is what makes my profession so rewarding and interesting. I’m lucky to communicate with people all over the world, and work with them directly, thus, learning something from each of them every day, and making new friends in every corner of the world. And an additional perk: I’m constantly pushed to speak different languages and learn about new cultures, which motivates and inspires me more than I can tell and makes me a more accomplished human being every day”, he adds.

The journey of Joel as the entrepreneur and CEO exemplifies the spirit of innovation, resilience, and responsible leadership. In an industry where adaptability is key, he continues to steer the company toward new horizons, leaving an indelible mark on the frozen poultry landscape. The global trade tapestry is a complex interplay of export and import flows that shape the prosperity and progress of nations. As the world continues to evolve, adaptability and cooperation will remain crucial in navigating the dynamic currents of international commerce. This means, there is no better time for business leaders like Joel to come up with their new-generation contributions to the global market operation than today.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Navigating the Global Trade Waters and Pioneering the Frozen Frontier: Joel Azongnissou’s Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey

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