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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - ChainThat Appoints Vikas Acharya as its New CEO

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ChainThat Appoints Vikas Acharya as its New CEO

ChainThat revealed the immediate appointment of Vikas Acharya as Chief Executive Officer. With a wealth of experience in enterprise technology within the insurance sector, Acharya, a Co-Founder of the venture, emerged as a pivotal figure in the history of ChainThat, as conveyed by the company.

Acharya expressed his enthusiasm for guiding the organization he helped construct from the ground up, stating that he had been intricately involved in its development since the outset. In his previous role as ChainThat’s COO, he shared these sentiments indirectly.

Discussing the future trajectory of the firm, Acharya foresaw 2024 as a transformative year for ChainThat. He extended gratitude to the former CEO, David Edwards, for his tireless efforts and dedication in bringing the insurtech to its current standing.

Acharya outlined plans for the upcoming growth phase, emphasizing the establishment of scale for their suite of products labeled “Beyond…” They also pledged to persist in fulfilling the commitment to innovation by integrating Distributed Ledger Technology and AI more deeply into their offerings.

Acharya expressed excitement about their product pipeline and reiterated their ultimate goals: ensuring that their SaaS products facilitate clients in expanding their businesses and are tailored to assist insurance organizations in enhancing efficiencies across various geographical regions. He added that the company is now entering a new phase of its journey, focusing on scaling both products and processes.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - ChainThat Appoints Vikas Acharya as its New CEO
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