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Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance in the World, 2023

Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance in the World

Based on feedback from employees, a recent ranking has disclosed the city that provides the best work-life balance, with London being recognized as the foremost option.

Achieving a work-life balance is crucial for individuals who want to lead a fulfilling life. It involves finding the right balance between the time and energy spent on professional responsibilities and personal activities, such as spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, and engaging in social activities. Striking the right balance is essential for maintaining good mental and physical health, as it helps to reduce stress and prevent burnout.  The second-best city to work in for those who prioritize this harmony is Paris, while New York is the third best.

The study evaluates cities based on their success in promoting work-life balance to their citizens by comparing data on work intensity, institutional support, legislation, and liveability. The results highlight cities that can be appreciated for promoting a healthy work-life balance for their citizens through constructive social policies and urban infrastructure, both directly and indirectly. Here’s a look at the top 100 best cities in the world for a work-life balance:

Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance in the World

1London, UK1243482395.35
2Paris, France1311471895.19
3New York, USA1976845895.15
4Tokyo, Japan3773200095.03
5Singapore, Singapore598300094.98
6Dubai, UAE640400094.48
7San Francisco, USA462326493.86
8Barcelona, Spain511174993.73
9Amsterdam, Netherlands289190793.73
10Seoul, South Korea2301600093.53
11Rome, Italy430382193.43
12Prague, Czechia225998192.96
13Madrid, Spain700528692.13
14Berlin, Germany497986792.02
15Los Angeles, USA1299735391.96
16Chicago, USA951039091.92
17Washington DC, USA635865291.64
18Beijing, China1852200091.61
19Istanbul, Türkiye1563600090.93
20Dublin, Ireland54410790.56
21Vienna, Austria189000090.53
22Milan, Italy496174389.69
23Toronto, Canada677100089.63
24Boston, USA489993289.44
25Abu Dhabi, UAE137400089.41
26Budapest, Hungary300275889.13
27São Paulo, Brazil2308600088.86
28Riyadh, Saudi Arabia723700088.85
29Stockholm, Sweden230814388.84
30Munich, Germany301683488.44
31Melbourne, Australia472100088.34
32Lisbon, Portugal301302787.78
33Zürich, Switzerland193656387.7
34Seattle, USA401155387.08
35Sydney, Australia471200087.05
36Doha, Qatar188600086.75
37Brussels, Belgium333149686.55
38San Jose, USA202500086.54
39Bangkok, Thailand1800700085.95
40Warsaw, Poland318953385.87
41Copenhagen, Denmark192861285.84
42Taipei, Taiwan907900085.82
43Austin, USA235242685.69
44Oslo, Norway127882785.63
45Osaka, Japan1512600085.13
46Hong Kong SAR, China745000084.83
47Tel Aviv, Israel279900084.75
48Athens, Greece315400084.64
49Frankfurt, Germany267855784.31
50Vancouver, Canada246000084.3
51San Diego, USA328606984.17
52Orlando, USA269192583.99
53Helsinki, Finland155195983.82
54Miami, USA609174783.4
55Buenos Aires, Argentina1671000083.33
56Hamburg, Germany342169283.29
57Brisbane, Australia262808383
58Kuwait, Kuwait428900082.9
59Las Vegas, USA229247682.88
60Montreal, Canada370700082.02
61Glasgow, UK183071081.97
62Shanghai, China2407300081.88
63Rio de Janeiro, Brazil1259200081.7
64Auckland, New Zealand144600081.67
65Atlanta, USA614497081.31
66Houston, USA720684180.59
67Busan, South Korea381400080.20
68Philadelphia, USA622860180.14
69Naples, Italy329873079.91
70Denver, USA297256779.56
71Nashville, USA201350679.14
72Manchester, UK334827479.08
73Dallas, USA775961578.94
74Liverpool, UK153386078.92
75Minneapolis, USA369051277.81
76Mexico City, Mexico2180400077.13
77Minsk, Belarus214700077.02
78Lyon, France228084576.87
79Portland, USA251069676.78
80Rotterdam, Netherlands189081476.56
81Bogotá, Colombia1008500076.38
82Kraków, Poland142345176.15
83Valencia, Spain176820575.59
84Santiago, Chile717100074.64
85Birmingham, UK264300073.99
86New Orleans, USA126172673.80
87Bucharest, Romania247861873.7
88Leeds, UK261912873.64
89Muscat, Oman133200073.41
90Ottawa, Canada108500073.08
91Cologne, Germany221550972.87
92Charlotte, USA270104672.81
93Calgary, Canada131900072.36
94Nagoya, Japan919700072.29
95Düsseldorf, Germany623700072.23
96Hanoi, Vietnam754700071.84
97Gothenburg, Sweden62900071.81
98Sapporo, Japan202800071.73
99Bilbao, Spain104896671.52
100Baltimore, USA283832771.31

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance in the World, 2023
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