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Philanthropist Digant Patel Discusses How Charity Work Improves Life Satisfaction

Digant Patel

Digant Patel regularly volunteers for numerous organizations, from the American Heart Association to the Food Bank of New Jersey and the YMCA. He donated Care packages to Synergy Home Care in Dec 2021. He supported the fundraiser to improve the health and lives of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for the Direct relief (About | Direct Relief) non-profit organization in 2020. 

Digant learned countless lessons through his years of volunteer work. Patel notes that one of the most significant advantages of volunteering and philanthropy is its continuous life satisfaction.

“The volunteers themselves have so much to gain by offering their time and energy to charity organizations,” Patel said. “Through helping others, we help ourselves more than we even know.”

Digant R. Patel recently discussed how charity work improves happiness and overall well-being.

Volunteering Includes Community Involvement

Humans often desire to be a part of a community, and it is easy to join one through volunteer work. Many charity events encourage volunteers to become part of the community fabric productively. Charity work generally involves building relationships with other community members, including those with like-minded views. 

It Improves Mental Health

Studies prove that volunteer work improves mental health. Researchers recently showed that participants who performed an act of kindness multiple days per week for three weeks experienced significant reductions in depression symptoms. The reductions in symptoms for those who completed acts of kindness were even greater than those performing meditation several times per week.

Learning New Skills and Building Confidence

Patel explained that much of his satisfaction in volunteering comes from the invaluable skills he learned in many charity ventures. He learned to communicate better with individuals of varying ethnicities and backgrounds, improve senior citizens’ lives, and even manage large events. All these skills help in his daily life, whether at work, at home, or at other volunteer events.

Patel added that volunteer work is an excellent way for young people to test out a field they think they want to pursue. They can learn about a career or acquire necessary skills for free while benefiting the community. 

Improve Physical Health Too

Patel noted many mental health benefits of volunteering, from reduced depression to increased happiness and a superior sense of community. However, charity work offers physical health benefits too. 

It’s ideal for seniors and others who may otherwise stay home to get up and move for a positive cause. His charity work involved participating in a half marathon in 2019, running a 5K for township donations, and taking part in the famous Wall Street Run. He improved his overall physical health while fundraising for important community causes. 

The Benefits of Volunteer Work

Mr. Patel knows the countless ways volunteer work benefits his life, which is why he continues to participate in so many charity events every year. He encourages others looking to improve their lives and the lives of others to consider volunteering for a charity near them.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Philanthropist Digant Patel Discusses How Charity Work Improves Life Satisfaction

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