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How To Keep The Memories Of Your Trips Alive

The memories of our travels are of great importance. A photograph or a thought can take us to places we have visited, bringing back to our senses what joy looked like. Often, however, we are imposed on “wrong” ways of utilizing a trip, so that memories do not come to life to the full of their colors when they should. What can we change about this, and what simple actions must we take to live a complete experience of the journey?

  1. The necessary number of photos
    Let’s face it, during our travels, we all, more or less, become internationally renowned photographers. If the little bird that was sitting on a branch of a tree, against the background of the sunset, “escapes” from our photographic lens, the disappointment is great. “The moment is lost,” many will think. And what about that big building that looks like a monument? It’s worth a click, even if we don’t know what it is. As we take the picture, we think: “I will find out later what it is; as long as I have it, I want to have it all, to forget nothing.” But let’s not kid ourselves; a journey experienced behind the eye of the lens is a secondary experience. It’s more like viewing a travel documentary. Besides, we often take pictures of things that are common in the cities we live in, like dogs having fun or flowers growing on the ground. However, when we are home, we never seem to appreciate their existence.
    A good photo next to the most memorable monument of the destination is more than enough to remember the whole trip. After all, if you are going to make a photo frame or poster in your room, this is the one you would choose. Photos should be taken wisely. Prefer to create experiences from the moment so that the memories of the trips remain in your memory and do not struggle to remember details through photographs.

  2. Videos vs. Photos
    A good idea to remember to have some videos from your vacation. In this case, you will not focus on the monuments and the sights; photos of sights are usually enough. The idea is to capture some spontaneous moments from your time with family and friends. This way, you will remember that the trip is not only about the destination but also about the company. These videos are to tell you that you had a great time and a lot of fun incidents to remember.

  3. Delimitation of the time dedicated to souvenirs
    As much as we don’t like to plan our trips and add activities to a time list, some things have to be done at certain times. For example, the need to return to our familiar homeland with recognizable souvenirs that will be symbols for the memories of our travels is inevitable. Of course, sometimes our eyes look for souvenir shops at the most inappropriate times. Like, for example, when we are anxious to find the right way to a destination. In this way, our minds become disoriented, and none of our jobs are done properly. Mainly, the goal is to retain memories of the beauty of the various places. So relieve your mind of such aberrations by setting a specific time for the purchase of your souvenirs. This is also a big part of your memories.

  4. Planning in advance
    Memories of travel do not arise only from the degree of improvisation you present in your everyday life during holidays. It is especially useful during the trip to have time to relax. Break free from maps, try to memorize as much information as you can from the comfort of your home, and keep a watchful eye for new images and experiences. Create moments that deserve to be indelibly etched in your mind. These strong memories are the ones that will ultimately remain regardless of whether you have a bunch of photos on your mobile. Therefore, make a plan that you will be willing to change according to the mood of the day.

Of course, these are some indicative tips. However, the essence of all four is one: Let go and enjoy the journey. Meet people and walk like never before.

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