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Dinan: The Ideal City For Hiking Enthusiasts

Exotic walks with nature itself as a companion, lovely walks in the beautiful Hangouts, and a multitude of creative activities. There are a few of them that one can discover and choose after making the decision to visit the beautiful city of Dinan, southeast of Brussels. A small town in the Belgian province of Namur and birthplace of the legendary saxophone creator Adolphe Sax, Dinan is the place we will explore today.

A hidden treasure
The location of Dinan really refers to a hidden area as, despite the fact that it is Seaside, it is located on the steep side of a large rocky area which ends in the Meuse river. It is considered an underrated destination that is in the shadow of the classic tourist resorts of Belgium; however, it is a famous destination for those who want alternative tourism and ardent like hiking and activities close to nature.

The city of saxophone
Dinan is considered to be the home of Adolphe Sax, probably the most popular man born in the region and a promoter of its fame in music worldwide. It is for this reason that the city honors his memory with beautiful adornments with giant saxophones both in its sights and in its simple neighborhoods. There is also a museum dedicated to Sax, as well as the instrument that bears his name since he has written his own history in Jazz music.
The same tendency for the projection of the saxophone is observed on the “Charles de Gaulle” bridge, which is a passage over the Meuse river. However, it is not a simple bridge, as it is filled with 28 colored saxophones, each placed in front of the flag of each country belonging to the European Union, paying special tribute to each of them as well as to the message of European cohesion and solidarity.

Freire Castle
In addition to its remarkable and beautiful location, Dinan has extremely interesting buildings and architecture that add other elements to excite you. Just outside the Belgian city and on the left bank of the River Meuse is the imposing castle of Freyr. This is a medieval construction that dates back to 1378 and, over the years, suffered both destructions during wars and reconstruction, repairs, and additions. It bears several features from the old royal residences of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and is often referred to as “little Versailles.” It is a remarkable historical monument with great interest in its interior, with large and numerous royal halls, charming frescoes, and historical furniture of the time that have been preserved and are accessible by visitors.
Externally, the castle contains many elements that were added under the instructions of the Kings and nobles who lived in Freire, but the spectacle that the visitor will see is impressive. The beautiful gardens of the castle contain numerous trees, well-preserved statues and lakes, and mainly, places with excellent views. One can enjoy the view of the river and the forests or the wild beauty cliffs of the rocky part of the area. Equally impressive is the design of the grass that forms small “labyrinths.”

Excursions to nature
Dinan is a well-known destination for Belgian hikers and nature lovers. Around the city, there is a strong element of natural simplicity, which the locals have taken advantage of to the fullest by offering a variety of activities. Some of them are canoeing, horseback riding, mountaineering, and climbing as well as exploring mysterious caves.

Walking and hiking are quite recommended
For the most “mild” visitors, the area is ideal for carefree walks next to nature and beautiful natural paths that cross charming forests. Enjoyable walks are still proposed by the river and in the rockiest areas, which ultimately offer an exquisite view from above. In addition, the presence of River Meuse provides the possibility of cruising for moments of calm and relaxation.
Despite its relatively low popularity, Dinan is one of the best travel options for visitors who need a break from their everyday life and reward themselves and their loved ones with a few moments of the holiday. A trip to this small Belgian town is recommended for the spiritual tranquility and mental renewal that every traveler wants to find.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Dinan: The Ideal City For Hiking Enthusiasts
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