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What Makes a Successful Self Made Billionaire

Money doesn’t come easy. Who would understand this better than self-made billionaires? Life is a roller-coaster ride when one decides to venture into risky affairs without any backing. Any venture you wish to involve yourself in will require a generous amount of money, time, and patience. All of these do not come as we please, and hence, the struggles of self-made billionaires cannot be understated. In this world of connections and money-power, starting from scratch is a daunting aspiration.
Growth is a continuous phenomenon. Even when you become a billionaire with your blood, tears, and sweat, this is not the end. You have amassed the right kind of standing, money, and power, and you must keep them to be where you are. Life is never a joy ride, regardless of what you are. Self-made billionaires understand this very well, and they have a handful of advice to offer. In this article, we will look into a few things we can learn from self-made billionaires.

  1. Don’t hesitate to dream of the skies
    In your life, you will come across people who will either offer their shoulder to help you climb up the wall of perseverance or grab you by your legs and pull you down as harshly as they can. You must be wary of the later ones because they would want you to keep your dreams in check. Self-made billionaires had to stand among many who had generational influence and wealth in their backpacks to carry around. To dream big is to stake bigger, and a lot of people will tell you not to do it; if you asked them why they would tell you that you just aren’t cut out for it. Dream. It is your right to dream whatever you want.

  2. Be audacious
    One cannot dream big without anticipating the risks associated with it. If you want to be successful, you have to offer something different. And anything different comes with uncertainties and risks. Since you put your ideas on trial runs, you will face several failures, which mustn’t dampen your spirits. Courage to do the unthinkable is what makes one successful. Of course, you cannot bet on anything untenable. Calculated risks are always preferable, but they are risks nevertheless. Thus, harden your perception, chisel up your fortitude, and take risks.

  3. Failure will be a stepping stone to success
    One can come up with numerable instances of failures which eventually led to explosive successes. Adding to the aforesaid point on risks, failures will become regular aspects of your growth. There will be occasions of high emotions and excitement, and then will come a steep fall damaging much of what you built. You can’t bullet-proof your ideas but can deal with the damage smartly and positively. Your efforts will draw the attention of the public, and a lot will be written and told about you. Not everything will emphasize your efforts but failures. Just accept whatever comes and move on.

  4. Be a team-player
    Yes, it is your dream, and you must realize it. But, one cannot build an empire without its people. You need a team to found, manage, and grow your empire of dreams. For many people, dependence on others can be an uneasy proposition, but you will need a team of capable, responsible, and talented persons who can help you carry out the diverse functions of your empire. You are a human and cannot excel in everything you do. Thus, try to encourage teamwork, rope in people who can support your dreams, listen to what they have to tell you, and make your empire a cohesive unit.

  5. Time is the master 
    Just because your plans are ambitious doesn’t mean they will ripen into reality in a blink of an eye. Imagine the entire process of planting a seed in your garden; you will have to water it, provide it with the right amount of manure periodically, and wait for it to sprout. Impatience can cause you to delay or, worse, destroy its growth. Similarly, self-made billionaires have learned well that their ideas will gain a solid foundation in time. No one becomes a billionaire overnight. What you see of Amazon right now, for example, is not a case of one day’s labor. There are other similar examples you can very easily think of.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - What Makes a Successful Self Made Billionaire
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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