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Telč: The Small Czech Town With The Colorful Buildings

Very often, the smallest destinations can be the most impressive. The small town of Telč is located in the Czech Republic in the South Moravian region. Although it is small, it is so pretty and beautiful that in every corner you walk you want to take photos to remember its wonderful architecture. Telč is home to a fascinating history and culture, and its historic center is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. According to local legend, the foundation of Telč is linked to the victory of Prince Otto II of Moravia over Břetislav in 1099. So are you ready to travel to Telč? Let’s go admire its sights.

Hradec Square
Your first visit to Telč will start by visiting Hradec square. Along the three sides of the public Square, there are vividly painted houses of Italian Renaissance style. The houses have colorful facades and beautiful arcades underneath. The arcades of the houses are home to cafes and shops of all kinds.
The house that stands out the most is the house with the number 15. Unlike the other houses in the Square, this house has a small tower in its corner. Its faded facade manages to look older and more distinctive. It is ideal to visit the Square in the late afternoon as it is best at sunset when the light enhances the colors.

Telč Castle
The Lords of Hradec in Telč built a gothic castle. The castle was mainly defensive and fortified with a wall. From 1550 Zacharias of Hradec had a permanent seat in Telč, which reconstructed and expanded the old castle with newly built Renaissance palaces. It seems that many of Telč’s Italian influences come from Zacharias, who often traveled to Italy and invited Italian artists to help redesign the castle. But thanks to all subsequent owners through history, this castle has remained in very good condition.
You can wander through the Theater Hall, the Golden Hall, and the Hall of the Knights, where he depicts the deeds of Hercules. In the Blue Hall, completed in 1561, you will be able to see an allegory of four figures personified by the Roman gods, and in the Knight Armor Hall, you will be able to admire portraits of Zacharias of Hradec, of Katerina, the first wife of Wallenstein, and the famous “white lady” Perchta von Rosenberg. Do not forget to visit the apartment of the last owners of Chateau Podstatź-Liechtenstein, where its furnishings are an important testimony to the appearance of aristocratic interiors. Among the exhibits, it is worth seeing a jewelry box from the 17th century.

The Lakes of Telč
On each side of the historic center are two lakes, Lake Ulicky and Lake Stepnicky, where you can walk and enjoy nature. Both Ulicky and Stepnicky have trails along some sides, and it’s really worth walking on the other side of them. As you walk, you will be able to take countless photos as the reflections of the buildings in the lakes give a wonderful combination.

Tower of the Holy Spirit
The Romanesque tower from the first half of the 13th century is the oldest well-protected monument in the city. Originally the tower was an observatory. The observation tower, with an interesting view not only of the historic core of the city but also of the Old Town, is accessible during the summer season. An interactive entertaining-educational exhibition with interesting facts from the history of the city is installed in the tower.
A new multimedia exhibition was installed in 2018, which consists of luminous panels that map the individual historical periods of the city. The exhibition includes a hologram with a historical figure that introduces visitors to the tower. On the top, there are observation telescopes, interactive maps, and a historical clock machine.

Marion’s column
In Telč, you will feel like walking through a film set. Do not fail to admire Marion’s column, which is a tower of stone surrounded by angels and crowned with the Virgin on the top of the world. Locals say that it was built as a kind of monument to the victims of the Black Plague. I hope you will have a nice time in this small Czech town any time you visit it.

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